Why is an independent escrow company so important?

Independent Escrow Companies are highly regulated by the State of California.  Unlike other types of escrow companies, Independent Escrow Companies are regulated by the Department of Business Oversight with strict accounting, insurances, liquidity, and auditing requirements.

You can feel more secure with an independent escrow company. Unlike banks, title companies and brokerages, as an independent firm we comply with strict operational and CPA auditing, bonding requirements, financial liquidity requirements, and trust fund insurance guidelines. All of our staff have been approved through the Department of Justice and have undergone background checks prior to employment.

Rancho Escrow Services is a superior team of experienced and supportive professionals, dedicated to satisfying our clients by providing personalized and efficient escrow services.

What We Are

We are an independent escrow company, licensed by the State of California, Department of Business Oversight, License 960B0-61042. This license regulates the procedures and practices that we follow and subjects us to stringent requirements which are designed to protect the consumer. By choosing our company you are safe-guarding your investment.

Our Staff

Our staff includes some of the finest and most respected escrow officers in the business. We are well versed in all types of real estate transactions specializing in Home Sales, both Subdivision and Resale, as well as, Refinance Escrow, Business Sales, Commercial Escrows, ABC Liquor License Transfer, and 1031 Exchange. We are also able to perform depository escrow service for most situations.

Unique to Rancho Escrow Services, is we have as an owner a Real Estate Attorney experienced in real estate transactional work. With this unique support, our clients enjoy the availability of a Licensed Attorney to inform them on tax issues, vesting options and the other multitude of issues that may arise.

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