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At Rancho Escrow Services we give the quality, efficiency, and personal attention you will not find anywhere else. One specialization is a Holding escrow. Rancho Escrow Services will issue its Letter of Escrow Instructions and incorporate your agreement to hold your funds, fees and ‘Amount to be withheld’, then released upon the terms of the contractual agreement.

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Comprehensive Real Estate Services

Rancho Escrow Services provides real estate professionals and individuals with excellent fiduciary care on resale home purchases, refinancing and payoff only transactions as Settlement Agent, with or without Title Insurance.

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Full Service Escrow

Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Multi- Family, Tract Sales, Short Sales and 1031 Exchanges

Over 25 years experience

Our Escrow Officers have years of experience with direct access to each one.

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Our brokers issue checks same day and are bilingual